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Weddings.  Corporate Events.  Parties.  Lighting.  Holiday Events.  Proms.  Anniversaries.  Nightclubs. Reunions. Fundraisers. 

I've been a DJ since 2001, DJ'n weddings, Proms, Corporate & Holiday events, Graduations, & Birthdays. I've had the pleasure of working with Jaime Johnson Events, NW Stolen Images, Myk Crawford Photography, Grace Media Films, Crain Studios, Looyenga Photography, Ana Hopkins Photography, Soiree Events Design, Impact Light Systems, & Angel Audio.



Remember, as a little girl,  sneaking into your mom's closet, wearing her jewelry, and shoes and pretending to walk down the aisle? You've been dreaming about this day since childhood, down to every detail; the color of your gown, the venue, even the smell of your bouquet; your special day. A day you've been waiting for, to marry your best friend, & celebrate your love . A special day you've spent countlessly preparing for, practicing your first dance, in the arms of your forever love, to the enchanting music you both chose to share and celebrate your love.

Your partner, venue and date is now chosen, and its now time to choose your DJ. I know how important this special day is to you. In choosing me, you'll be getting a packed dance floor, and great value with attention to detail.  The DJ setup will be clean and classy, to match the décor of the day. Let's create this magical journey together, with the right music, and lighting décor to set that special forever moment. 

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DJ Patrick
DJ Patrick

CCF DJ'n 2
CCF DJ'n 2

Studio E New Years Eve At Epic
Studio E New Years Eve At Epic

DJ Patrick
DJ Patrick


Your event will always be remembered through the happy memories you create. My goal is to provide you with the highest level of service, to make it YOUR DAY.  I'll tailor music to your personalized requests. 

    • - Nyne Bar & Bistro                                                                  

      • (June) 2013 - (Sep) 2013. 

      • (April) 2015 - (Dec) 2015.

      • (April) 2017 - (Present).

    • - Crave

      • (April) 2017 - (Present).

    • - Studio E Nightclub, Northern Quest Resort & Casino     

      • (Sep) 2013 - (Dec) 2014.

    • - Impulse Nightclub, Northern Quest Resort & Casino      

      • (June) 2016 - (March) 2017​.

    • - Community Cancer Fund                                                      

      • The Showcase - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021. 

      • Holiday Bash - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

    • - Expeditors International     

      • Christmas Holiday Party - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

    • Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club 

      • ​Social events - 2016 - present. 


Lighting is the most creative way to transform a venue. With the right lighting, your wedding gown, suits, flowers, cakes, food, photos, reception space and guests will look beautiful. Let's begin this journey with any ideas that you may be inspired by. Beautiful gobo patterns can also be projected on walls, ceilings, or dance floors. Patterns give the venue an amazing ambiance. Dazzle and transform your venue with vibrant and eye popping colors to create an aesthetically pleasing event. Intelligent lights will create a enchanting atmosphere for your introductions, romantic dances, cocktail & dinner music, and a spotlight for your first dance.

Intelligent Color Light Display    Custom Monograms & Lettering    Up-lighting    Dance Floor Lighting

DJ Setup @hagadone Event Center
DJ Setup @hagadone Event Center

Monogram @ Hagadone Event Center
Monogram @ Hagadone Event Center

DJ Set Up A
DJ Set Up A

DJ Setup @hagadone Event Center
DJ Setup @hagadone Event Center


Marie Evans, May 9, 2017 - Mullan High, Idaho.

Sarah Hamilton, May 22, 2016 - Liberty Lake, Idaho

DJ Patrick was contracted to play for our Junior Prom. We found him to be easy to work with - accommodating, personable and flexible on all accounts. Student responses when asked how they felt about DJ Patrick, included "Good mix of music", "Great transitions", "Nice person", "Best DJ we have had".

DJ Patrick was absolutely outstanding! He did a fantastic job at my sons graduation party. All of my friends wanted his card so they can hire him for more events. My husband and I will definitely have him beck!

Shelby Smith, July 4, 2016 - Clarkston, Idaho.

DJ Patrick was the DJ for our wedding. He did a fantastic job with his music selection. He was energetic and upbeat the whole night. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a budget friendly and upbeat DJ!

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Jamie + Brian 1
Jamie + Brian 3
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Tiffany & Gina Thank You Note
Tiffany & Gina Thank You Note
Tiffany & Gina Thank You Note
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